Make-Up Policy


Tuition is charged even if your student is absent. Tuition covers reserving a place in my teaching schedule, as well as the instruction. Due to a heavy schedule, I cannot offer makeup lessons. I do have a “Swap List” with names, lesson times, email addresses and phone numbers. If you see that you have a conflict with a lesson time, you may call/email another student and arrange a swap. It is the student's responsibility to make the "swap" and email me to let me know of the switch.  Please do not ask for exceptions or other options, as this is all I can offer. 

During the summer months, the schedule is much more flexible and you will only be charged for the lessons you schedule.   If a lesson must be missed in the summer, a 48 hour notice ensures that the student will not be charged.

To Access the Swap List:

After signing in to your Landrum Studios Private Online Account, hover over Home.  You will find a drop-down menu with File Area.  Click on File Area and it will allow you to download the Swap List, which I keep updated, for your convenience.  I value your privacy, so this information is NOT visible to anyone without an account.