Information Sheet for 2022-23
Please save this sheet for reference!
The 2022-23 School Year Schedule will run from August 15, 2022 – May 6, 2023.  No lessons will be taught (and invoices will be adjusted accordingly) on the following days:
September 2 - 5
October 7 - 10                           
November 20 - 27                 
December 23 – January 9   
January 14 - 16                          
February 17 - 20                         
March 12 - 19
April 7 - 10
April 28 - 30

Swap List
According to policy, I do not make up lessons missed, but the Swap List is provided for your convenience. Please make your swap and email me to let me know. Please do not ask for exceptions.  This is the ONLY option provided.

To Access the Swap List:

After signing in to your Landrum Studios Private Online Account, hover over Home.  You will find a drop-down menu with File Area.  Click on File Area and it will allow you to download the Swap List, which I keep updated, for your convenience.  I value your privacy, so this information is NOT visible to anyone without an account.

All piano students are required to have a well-maintained piano, as well as a metronome. Piano students must keep fingernails flush with the end of the finger to prevent faulty technique and damage to the piano.
Competitions and Festivals
Students will have access to an online calendar with information for all competitions and festivals held throughout the year. This information will detail fees, locations, dates and other requirements.  An accompanist will be secured for each vocalist, with accompaniment fees billed to the student's account.