Studio Policies

Students are expected to arrive and be picked up promptly according to their lesson time. When arriving, please open the door and come in quietly. Have a seat and wait for your lesson time. I do try to stay on schedule.  Lessons are 30 minutes.

Piano students are expected to keep fingernails trimmed flush with the finger. Nails are destructive to the piano, as well as detrimental to technique. Each student should have a metronome, and use it regularly. I will purchase new music and study materials for your child and each month, you will receive a statement for the next month's tuition, materials purchased, and any competition fees due.

Voice students are expected to demonstrate steady practice habits and thorough knowledge of their music.  We work on diction, posture, stage presence, phrasing, tone and other technique areas.  I will purchase new music and study materials for your child and each month, you will receive a statement for the next month's tuition, materials purchased, and any competition fees due.

Tuition is due by the 8th of each month. On the 10th of each month, any accounts not paid, are subject to a late fee of $20. Returned check fee is $25.  During the school year, I will follow the Frisco ISD calendar. Your invoice will be adjusted to reflect school holidays.  Tuition is charged even if your student is absent. Tuition covers reserving a place in my teaching schedule, as well as the instruction. Due to a heavy schedule, I cannot offer makeup lessons. I do have a “Swap List” with names, lesson times, email addresses and/or phone numbers. If you see that you have a conflict with a lesson time, you may contact and arrange a swap with another student. It is the student's responsibility to make the "swap" and email me to let me know of the switch.  After signing in to your account, if you hover over Home, you will find a drop-down menu with File Area.  By clicking on that, it will allow you to download the Swap List, which I keep updated, for your convenience.  This information is NOT visible to anyone without an account.  If a lesson is missed due to MY conflict, I will offer you a choice of a makeup or a credit on your account for the missed lesson.  If a lesson is missed due to school being closed, etc., we will do a virtual lesson.  During the summer months, the schedule is much more flexible and you will only be charged for the lessons you schedule.   If a lesson must be missed in the summer, a 48 hour notice ensures that the student will not be charged.  Each Landrum student is required to pay for at least 4 lessons in the summer to keep their place in the fall teaching schedule.  Please do not ask for any exceptions to the makeup policy, as it is the only way I can provide for missed lessons.

I am a member of various Professional Music Teacher Organizations that allow my students to participate in competitions and festivals. We will evaluate your child together to see whether we feel this is a track we want to take. Each piano student is required to perform in a Spring Recital and take a Theory Test sponsored by the Dallas Music Teachers Association. I assure you that your child will have every opportunity to be quite prepared for this examination. I rarely have a student who does not receive a medal.  Vocal students are required to take the theory test if they choose to compete in the Student Affiliate Vocal Performance Contest, sponsored by DMTA.

As a parent, I want you to function similar to a coach. I try to be specific each week in what I want the student to work on.  I find that practice time is far more productive if the student is working on a problem, and working through a piece, rather than watching a clock. Of course, the more time spent in practice, the faster the progress will be for the student. Remember: Practice doesn’t make perfect…Perfect practice makes perfect! If you ever have any questions concerning your child or their progress, please feel free to email or call me. I try to return messages within 24 hours.  I freely admit that I respond much quicker to email, than to a phone call, as my schedule permits.

If any of the following situations persists after I have notified you and provided time to correct it, I regret that I will have to dismiss the student: 

The student demonstrates a lack of enthusiasm and willingness to participate during lesson time.

The student consistently fails to show diligence and determination in home practice.

Lack of dependability and commitment exhibited in persistent absences or chronic lateness.

If you choose, for whatever reason, to discontinue lessons, a written notice is required, as well as payment for the next four lessons at the time of the notice. 

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. I look forward to the musical progress we will make together!